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Murat Germen’s Solo Exhibition titled ‘Tale’ is meeting with art lovers on May 27th with a magnificent opening, both online and offline!

The exhibition, which is the opening exhibition of Cue Art Space, consists of 10 works which are unique editions handcrafted by the artist, can be visited at Bomontiada between 27 May - 16 June, con

Between 27 May and 31 August, with the support of GROHE, one of the world’s leading brands in innovative bathroom, kitchen and sanitary ware solutions, 20 works that are the complementary edition of the exhibition can be viewed online at the Artcrowdistanbul Online Gallery.

Some of the works in the series will be available in NFT as well as in the usual physical editions. These special editions will also have the distinction of being the first works of Murat Germen on the blockchain in NFT format.

About the artworks

Murat Germen is an artist who has been closely involved in digital processes since his high-school years, for around 40 years. The artist was a graduate student at MIT around the time when analogue creative techniques began to evolve into their digital counterparts, and personally witnessed and had the chance to internalize the process at an institution where the foundations of this transformation were laid. In later years, Germen very closely followed developments in the digitization of photography as well, and carried out experiments regarding the impact upon the creative process of what software could and could not do. On the other hand, he also worked on various scientific articles for printed publications and conferences as part of his full-time academic position at Sabancı University. Two of these works, titled “Inadvertent - Ars Accidentalis” and “Aesthetics of Serendipity: Muta-morphosis” stood out as theoretical works on when, how and in what context concepts such as chance, accident and fate can become part of the process at various stages of artistic production in a digital environment. The artist chooses to carry out his theoretical work with a specific focus on his own practices, aiming to establish a healthy relationship between theory and practice. As part of this flow of production, “Ars Accidentalis”, meaning accidental art in Latin, emerged as the first series of the artist’s entry in 2008 to art circles in Turkey. Following this series, the series “Muta-morphosis”, one of the most enduring works of the artists on extreme urbanization, began its journey in 2009. This series was created when it was coincidentally discovered that the “content-aware scaling” tool in Photoshop returned unexpectedly poor results, and the boundaries of the algorithm were forced so that faulty, decayed imageries could depict fractures caused by urban intensification.

In his solo exhibition titled “Fairy Tale” which, in collaboration with Cue Art Space, will simultaneously open both virtually and physically at Bomontiada and the online gallery, Germen again manipulates a random digital transformation process. Photogrammetric three-dimensional modelling was used in works produced in 2019. This method is generally preferred for the photorealist documentation of space and for virtual tours; however, the artist consciously altered parametric preferences to the “roughest” levels in order to reduce adherence to the image in the process of transforming the photograph into a three-dimensional model. The unexpectedly abstract imagery that emerged as a result of this, and the break from realist concreteness imply to us that the supposedly objective content provided to us via mainstream media is fundamentally deficient, subjective and partial and that we are being told, instead of the truth, contemporary fairy tales.

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